Why reupholster?

Re-Covering my furniture is it worth it?

Any furniture made by one of the ‘Famous Name’ makes: Laura Ashley, Cintique, Ercol, G-Plan, Minty, Multiyork, M&S, Tetrad, Collins & Hayes or Parker Knoll then almost certainly, yes.

Good quality furniture will generally be made from hard wood and may have polished show wood and will be jointed with dowels rather than stapled so it will make sense to keep the frame and re-upholster.

One of the most common reasons for having Re-Upholstery is that it fits your room just right, or you just like it!

Choose the design and colour that’s right for you and your furniture.

If the furniture is a branded name or of a good quality, then re-upholstering makes good financial and environmental sense.

You may want to keep inherited furniture, revitalize second hand furniture or keep your favorite comfortable piece of furniture, then re-upholstery offers a value for money way to make your furniture beautiful again.